Wednesday, October 30, 2019

South Africa Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

South Africa - Assignment Example We would wish the learned people to make the largest group of our tourists as they will be able to understand things easier. During the winter season, we will expect more visitors and the lodging will be paid on daily bases where the size of room taken will determine the cost. Advertising will be the common method of promotion where the internet, television, and radios will be highly used. Guests are going to spend time in our community and experience the beautiful coastal environments as well as experiencing the traditional culture. They will have a bush walk, have a look at the traditional foods and visit a midden. In addition, they will be able to have a look at the art and craft shop, museum and gallery. A sorry ceremony will also be going on and if interested they can attend. Because we will be aiming at a wide coverage, there will be wide use of travel agents. For marketing assistance, we will depend on the industry marketing corporation where we will be granted the opportunity to use the tourist planning website. On day two the visit to Cape Town city was will be conducted by the white shark eco-tourism. On day three the visit to the cultural house will be conducted by the great white shark eco-tourism. On day 4 visits to the wine lands will be guided by Afri Visita tours Stellenbosch South Africa. On day 5 the visit to Lake Sibaya and Wet Land Park would be conducted by two staff of the wet land park. On day 6 the visit to the rural areas will be conducted by Thonga beach lodge.

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