Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Churchill, Roosevelt and Hitler in WWII essays

Churchill, Roosevelt and Hitler in WWII essays Throughout history, there have been many events that have shaped the future of civilization. However, none was of more importance than World War II. Whatever was to materialize at the end of the war would drastically affect the entire world and all of the inhabitants. If Hitler had managed to win the war, all the civilians of earth may have fallen into his diabolical grasp. This did not happen for many different reasons, but none more important than that of the contributions of three great leaders at the time. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the American president, and Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, joined their military and thinking powers to defeat Hitler. Also, Hitler himself played a great part in his downfall. The personalities of Churchill, Roosevelt and Hitler dictated the outcome of WWII through Churchills great leadership qualities, Roosevelts popularity with the American people and Hitlers greedy and obsessive behaviour. Churchill helped dictate the end of WWII with his great leadership qualities in Britain. Churchill was a noted speaker, author, painter, soldier, and war reporter. All these qualities helped him to gain the support of the British people in the war against Hitler. His talks to the British people lifted their spirits to defeat the German army; he inspired the British people with his visits on the campsites of the wounded to show his support and concern, always holding up two fingers in the shape of a v for victory. Churchill was a man that had virtually no fear at all. He would walk onto the fields of battle where his life could very well be in danger, and would salute his men, something seldom done by any other political leader. Then again, Churchill was anything but an ordinary political leader. He was a man that would do anything to help his country rise up to the task and win the war; so everywhere he went he held up those two fingers, and this sign b...

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