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Effects of Global warming Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Effects of Global warming - Research Paper Example At those places the environment is characterized by a prolonged summer and a shorten winter with occasional rainfall all over the year. These changes in climate is largely due to the abnormal emission of green house gases which are resulting in global warming, finally leading to abrupt fluctuations in the climatic condition. The human civilization on its way to development has been transformed from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy (Read 33). No doubt that this transformation has increased the per capita income as well as livelihood of the human beings, however it is also associated with a cost namely ‘green house gas initiated global warming’. The paper attempts to explore the causes, impact and probable solutions of global warming. What are the green house gases? Earth’s atmosphere comprises of mainly oxygen and nitrogen. However none of them produce green house effect, as both of these gases are transparent to terrestrial radiation. The green hou se effect is the outcome of the concentration of water vapor, carbon dioxide and other trace gases that are present in the atmosphere and absorb the terrestrial radiation that gets reflected from the surface of the earth. Changes in the atmospheric concentration of the green house gases misbalances the energy transfer among the atmosphere, space, land and the ocean. If the green house gas concentration is increased then it increases the net absorption of energy by the earth. (Read 33-35) Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone are regarded as naturally occurring green house gases. Apart from all these naturally occurring green house gases, a number of halogen substances containing fluorine, chlorine or bromine are also classified as green house gases. But they are mostly a product of industrial activities. As an example chlorofluorocarbons and hydro chlorofluorocarbons are halocarbons containing chlorine. These gases have a strong ozone-depleting characteristic. Apart from the above-mentioned gases there are some gases in and around troposphere, which indirectly influences the global radiation budget. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone in the troposphere are classified as this kind of gas. Is the climate warming? Scientists and experts have proven that average global temperature is on a rise – â€Å"Extreme events are occurring with greater frequency, and in many cases with greater intensity† (Gillis). Disasters like flood have destroyed New England, Nashville, Arkansas and the Oklahoma. Satellite pictures have revealed that the ice depositions at both the poles have been reducing over the past years (Alley). Already some of the seashore areas have gone well under water that portrays a rise in the sea water level (melting ice from the poles are raising the water level at sea). (Meehl) On another occasion scientists have observed that the icy peak of Kilimanjaro, mountain in Africa is experiencing a reduction in s now in each year. The Gangotri glacier in India is retreating 17.15 meters on average each year (1971-2004). At this rate in the year 2035 it will be totally vanished. Adding to our concern the size of the Sahara desert is increasing each year. All the above incidents clearly indicate a rise in temperature. (Global Warming hits Gangotri Glacier) Some other grass root indicators seem to be strengthening the above fact. The deteriorating health of the Penguins and the reducing number of the Polar Bears clearly indicate the worsening of

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